Experience counts for everything in tech.

We've got decades of experience looking after IT environments.
It is quite likely that we have already encountered that "systems" task you need taking care of.

It's not just Wireless that Central Comms can do!
We can remotely manage your local servers, store your backups offline, manage your cloud email service; there are heaps of things we can help with.

Central Comms can completely design and manage your wireless network.
At Central Comms we know how critical it is to stay connected. We also intimately understand the complexities of wireless networking.
We can solve coverage issues.
And we can extend coverage to remote buildings. Perhaps you need a point-to-point wireless link across your property. We've got the skills and qualifications to do it, and do it legally.

Wireless Graphic

Central Comms - System Administration

Every solution for Wireless networking is different.
We can come and do a commplete wireless site survey, and advise on the best solution to get you covered.

Central Comms has the technical knowledge and wireless qualifications to provide an amazing wireless solution for you, within the legal limits of wireless broadcasting in New Zealand!